Matthew’s First Independent Climb!

Matthew’s First Independent Climb!

If you’ve been following our family and our blog then you’ve seen videos and climbing progressions of our 5 year old son Sammy.  Sammy started tree climbing with his Dad at the age of 2 ½.  Equipment developers and manufacturers often custom make equipment for Sammy.  Just like his Dad, Sammy is set up with all his own gear: a harness, helmet, safety glasses, different components in ascending and work positioning systems specific to tree work.  Just like any sport, when equipment is specifically made for you, it changes the way you perform for the better.

Our 3-year-old son Matthew, on the other hand, has been tethered to his Dad.  Matthew is fashioned in a fall arrest harness, which is designed to hold him in a suspended position.  Whenever the boys make their way up the tree, Sammy climbs independently and moves throughout the tree like a boss.  Then there goes Dad (Sam), who makes his way up the rope with Matthew suspended below him.  Looks like quite a workout for Dad as Matthew smiles and sits back waiting to reach the top.  Matthew always looked uncomfortable and basically was “along for the ride”.  Don’t get me wrong, Matthew has enjoyed climbing but never used his own skill or coordination to move throughout the tree.  He looked adorable hooked to his dad, laughing and smiling with every swing.


In July, Matthew turned 3 and received an Edelrid Helmet and Harness from Blair Williams, Head of Edelrid Safety for North America.  Matthew also received a 150ft prism climbing line from Jamie Goddard of Yale Cordage.

On August 20, 2015 Matthew had his first Independent Climb!  He looked proud in his equipment and loved matching his Dad and Brother.  Matthew for the first time used his own coordination, skill and strength to move throughout the tree.  It was obvious to me that Oak Grove Tree Experts will have another climber before we know it.  I’ve attached some pictures and videos of his climb!


Matthew New Gear Picture

There he goes…..

Training day 1

Matthew climbing

Video of Matthew taking his first few swings- Click Link below

Matthew’s first climb in new equipment age 3

The Cooper boys “Selfie”

Training Day 2

We take safety very seriously…. So Sam (Dad) has begun teaching Sammy how to aerial rescue in the event another climber is injured.  Watch the video below to see Sammy simulate a rescue. Matthew is playing the role of the injured climber.

Sammy practicing his aerial rescue 8-20-15

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